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TWP Nutrition L.I.T Fat Burner (30 servings)

L.I.T is the ultimate thermogenic created with patented ingredients that synergistically compliment each other in order for us to create the most comprehensive fat burning product on the market.

Key Ingredients:

  • ASHWAGANDHA - reduce stress, reduce food cravings, redirects energy to promote weight loss, fights inflammation.
  • INNOSLIM- Reduces calories that the body absorbs, what is absorbed typically converts to gluscose to be used a muscle fuel. Increases calories burned
  • COCOABUTEROL- High bioavailability for fat burning, bodybuilding, mood boosting & cardiovascular protection.
  • PROGBB- Enhanced immune system, boosted energy levels, peak performance.
  • PARADOXINE- Increase metabolism, Increase thermogenic activity, improve lipid profiles, lower blood pressure.
  • L-DOPA- More alert, stamina increase, euphoric feel, fresh constant energy/focus

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