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Why Cream of rice? 


During prep, offseason or any training phase, eating tasty flavoured things, instead of more boring rice, can help keep you on track with your diet, as it will often feel like a treat, but is perfectly easy to fit within your carbohydrate needs for the day.


During an offseason, when food can get higher, digestion can often become a little more difficult, and in this phase, having a variety of flavours that always digest perfectly , will allow you to keep your appetite and progress moving forward

JP has a huge focus on digestion himself, hitting bodyweights and calorie intakes that are huge, therefore anything we make, is tried and tested by him, to ensure there is not too much sweetener, that the flavourings are not too strong - all the things that are important when actually living and breathing bodybuilding. 



2kg COR is available in 13 delicious flavours to keep your taste buds happy!

Fast-Acting Carbohydrate

  • Incredible Taste
  • Easy to Mix
  • Perfectly Digested
  • 2KG is 80x 25g servings 

all flavours are gluten free, aside from birthday cake

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