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"Dynamic" is a mild but effective pre-workout supplement that helps to boost energy, improve mood, and enhance absorption of key ingredients.

This powerful formula includes enXtra®, a natural caffeine alternative derived from Alpinia galanga, which provides a sustained release of energy without the crash or jitters that come with other stimulants. In addition, "Dynamic" includes mucuna pruriens, a natural source of L-DOPA, which helps to improve mood and reduce stress, and AstraGin®, a blend of plant-based extracts that helps to enhance the absorption of key nutrients in the body.

"Dynamic" is perfect for anyone looking to power through their workouts with improved energy and a positive mindset, without the harsh side effects of other pre-workout supplements. Experience the difference with "Dynamic"!


Made from a proprietary extract of Alpinia Galanga, a commonly used spice in Asian cooking, enXtra targets a cognitive process known as “Attention Network Function” (ANF), which is the ability of the brain to allocate processing resources to a specific task. The ANF system plays a critical role in mental alertness and the ability to focus on a task.

 enXtra is unique among caffeine-free energy supplements:

  • Same-day effect that can last up to five hours
  • Supports mental energy without the “crash” phenomenon
  • Can be used in combination with caffeine to provide a complete solution for mental energy
  • DNA-authenticated extract of Alpinia Galanga

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