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Superhuman Greens are incredibly nutrient-dense with over 40 different fruits, vegetables and phytonutrients, with added probiotics, digestive enzymes and AstraGin to aid in digestions and absorption in every serve.


Superhuman Greens will help you fight through all of the toxic things in the modern world that can slow down your progress.

The best ingredients that fight the free radicals and toxins of the modern world aren’t commonly found in your diet. (When did you last eat spirulina?)

Daily consumption of these superfoods can make a huge difference in how you look and feel.


Alpha Lion's goal was to make their daily greens taste amazing, so you never miss out on all the amazing benefits of the healthiest ingredients on earth.

1 scoop of Superhuman Greens ensures your body will be primed to perform at whatever your chosen sport is.


Key Benefits

  1. Immune System - The SuperHuman Fruit and Veggie blend packs in over 20 fruits and veggies which are essential for a strong immune system. A strong immune system is vital when you are training hard and seeking fast physique improvements.
  2. Digestive System - The SuperHuman enzyme and probiotic blend will not only improve your overall digestion, but increase nutrient absorption. This is vital for fat loss AND muscle building goals, as you need your body to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients to operate like a body transformation machine.
  3. Detoxification for Liver Support - The SuperHuman grass and greens blend contains a whopping 6 grams of detoxifying and antioxidant ingredients including spirulina, spinach and chlorella. These are extremely powerful antioxidants and will fight free radicals all day long.
  4. Natural Energy Production - The synergistic effect of the 8 matrix’s in the formula will give you the precise combination of powerhouse ingredients to help your body produce its own natural energy stores. This is an essential pillar to becoming Superhuman, as little gets done both in and out of the gym when you are feeling lethargic.
  5. Gut Health - Your gut is really your second brain. Proper Gut health is vital for so many bodily functions, and we packed our SuperHuman Greens full of the SuperHuman enzyme blend and SuperHuman probiotic blend.

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